The Map of Life

integrating species distribution knowledge

Popular Science, “‘Map of Life’ Shows the Location of All Organisms, Large and Small”, May 2012

Visit the MappingLife page and you’ll see a plain Google Maps view of Earth, which you can pan and zoom like any other. A series of filters lets you search by species, whose known distributions appear as points on the map. You can display records from specific study areas, like nature reserves or large regions. You can even see what species are located in the vicinity of any location on the planet — set the search radius and group of interest (birds, mammals, etc.) and right-click on any point of the map. A list appears with every species found in your radius.

— Rebecca Boyle, “Map of Life” Shows the Location of All Organisms, Large and Small, Popular Science: May 15, 2012.


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May 15, 2012 at 5:04 pm

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